Other People’s Children

Mar 25, 2013 by

Listening to somebody talk about their fantasy baseball team is like listening to somebody talk about their kids. I understand you love your kids, I might even love your kids, but I don’t really want to hear about them. Which doesn’t stop anybody, including me, from talking about their kids or their fantasy baseball team.

The best people I know are guilty of both. When somebody cares as deeply about something like they do their offspring or their two-time Championship winning fantasy baseball team, they can’t help but voice that love, pride or concern.

So let’s make a deal. You go light on the kid talk, and I’ll try not to bring up every time my third-string closer blows a save.

I won’t pretend to sit here and try to equate the great challenge of birthing and raising a child to managing a fantasy baseball team, but there are similarities.

They both require daily attention, morning, noon and night. They both require nurturing, especially keepers, and the ability to see what’s best in the long run. Your kid might hate you short term for not letting them go jet-skiing with their friends, and your team for trading away a stud starter in a non-playoff year, but they sure won’t hate you when they have all their limbs and two first-rounders for next season.

Tonight I will give birth to my fourth child, let’s hope Team Re-Encarnacion is more successful than his screw-up older brothers. And let’s hope you didn’t auto-draft any of your kids.

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