Watch Ludwig “Van” Blomstrand Destroy

Mar 20, 2013 by

I found this unintentionally funny YouTube video of Ludwig “Van” Blomstrand highlights from this past year in the HockeyAllsvenskan League in Sweden. And by found I mean Googled, “Ludwig Blomstrand Youtube”. The music is ridiculous, and the video looks like it was filmed on a potato, but Blomstrand scores absolutely disgusting goals at the 2:45 and 4:10 mark. The second one reminds me of that Ovechkin goal where he’s falling and sweeps it in while on the ground. Filthy.

Drafted by the Canucks 120th overall in 2011, Blomstrand was signed to an entry-level contract recently and has been sent to the Wolves. Brad Zeimer from The Vancouver Sun got the best quotes off Gillman, who said Blomstrand may be the best pure skater in their system and he takes the puck to the net hard. See how he does in the A.

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